January 13, 2010 § 3 Comments


As the title says, yes, its Jinhwan’s birthday today! Our (old)magnae of Sweet Sorrow, and our (powerful) tenor! His voice has never failed to melt our hearts and of course, his crazy and totally dorky side! Jinhwan’s my personal favourite and i love him to bits! ^^

So, come on in and drop him a birthday message and share with us your opinions of our dearest (old)magnae, SUNGJINHWAN~!! =D


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§ 3 Responses to [100113] HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINHWAN~!!

  • namilana says:

    happy birthday jinhwan!

  • 박은일 says:

    생일 축하해요^^
    천상의 목소리의 소유자 진환님^^
    (유튜브에서 놀다 우연히 들어오게 됐는데 생일이네요~!)

    멀리서 가끔 유튜브로 스윗 소로우의 노래듣고 텐텐 클럽 보고 있어요~
    유쾌 발랄하고 통통튀는 님들의 모습과 떡실신하게 만드는 목소리에 매번 감탄한답니다^^.

    앞으로도 좋은 활동 기대할게요:)

    좋은 밤 되시길~~~

  • ajikto says:

    I could give a super long unnecessary speech, flailing over maknae, and I would, but words can’t describe any member of Sweet sorrow.

    So just a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ from me, I hope Sweet Sorrow start promoting songs, and receive lots and lots of love in the future.

    I love this site^^

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