[100130] Youngwoo’s Cyworld Post Update

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

title: Walk With You


For a long time I’ve been dreaming of giving a song to someone but unpexpectedly, it’s happening with the start of 2010 and I’m thankful for this good omen ^-^

Actually, during the process I’ve expected it to be postponed or cancelled (another way of saying it would be that I “blew” it) but because of the tight and fast schedule, my first song sung by someone else has come out ^-^

Changhak hyung and Kihong kyung thank you! haha

Love Tree Project –

it’s being used for a good cause so it’s even better.

Actually, my goal for last year was to give three songs to someone else but I didn’t achieve it so I was in a loser mode.


to make up for the album that is not released yet I’m getting this song out.

It’s so cold so I wrote it, imagining a warm spring, and it’s even more refreshing because of HongEun’s pretty voice.
Chorus is my voice, and the guitar is Jae-Il. Dalwoo helped with the producing.



I’m beginning to go in “I’ll be greedy with the album” mode.

I’ve always done just enough for the deadline but this time I really want to make something I won’t regret.

I don’t know the journey it will take me on but I’ll write songs with a cheerful heart.

I’m living well whether the day comes or not.

I’ll be preparing in a happy mood.

Thank you for all the happy birthday messages.

Did you hear the news that I caught a cold after being up all night opening up presents and letters from all over the country? ^-^

I’m almost better now.

I’ll repay you with good music. ^-^


meet you on the radio!

Please give full credits to Sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore when taking this out!


p.s. If you have not heard the song Youngwoo mentioned and are eager to listen to it, you can listen to it at http://www.cococ.com/play/356609.html. Just wait for the player to play~ 

From: Boss


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