[100223] Sweet Sorrow mentioning Sweet Sorrow Singapore in TenTen Club

February 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

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For translations,

On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, Sweet Sorrow mentioned Sweet Sorrow Singapore in TenTen Club.
In the video, one of their fan sent them this news and they are reading it in their radio show.
Following is the translation of what they are saying.

S(Sweet Sorrow), H(Hojin), Y(Youngwoo), W(Woojin), J(Jinhwan)

S: Sweet~ and Sorrow~ (BGM)
[This is a part of TenTen Club where they read people’s happy(sweet) and sad(sorrow) stories]
Y: Ms. Kyeowoon Jeong.
” Hey guys! Don’t be surprised. ”
H: We will.
Y: ” Today, I visited a website which is famous for videos. ”
J: Website!!! (gasp)
Y: ” While I was watching videos, ”
J: (gasp)
Y ”  Unbelievable! ”
J: (squeal)
H: What is this about!

Y: ” I saw videos of Sweet Sorrow’s opening there!

I was surprised at the fact that Sweet Sorrow’s videos are on the website where people around the world visit.
So I clicked on the link next to the video. And then, and then, and then!!!
H: Yes?
Y: ” Sweet Sorrow Fan page by Singaporean fans came up! ”
H: Ah…
J: I’ve been there! I’ve been there!
Y: ” Isn’t it awesome?
H: Ah…
Y: ” Though people might say ‘ who’s this? ‘ to Sweet Sorrow in Korea,
thanks to Sweet Sorrow’s live, thanks to TenTen’s attractive openings,
Sweet Sorrow is coming to fame in the world. Isn’t this a really sweet story?
Since the only thing left now is being famous domestically, ”
S: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
J: Wah wah wah wahhh
Y: ” guys, do a good job with your new album! Cheers!”
H: Yes. Once I said this,
“Now we only have to do well with domestic popularity.”
Y: Hahaha. Yes. (giggle)
H: Ah well, it is highly encouraging news.
We are also looking at the website right now.
Y: Wow. “Sweet Sorrow Singapore”
H: Yeah.
W: Usually when you hear these kind of news,
it looks good if you say something like “Oh, is there such a thing?”
But Jinhwan said “I’ve been there! I’ve been there!”
Y: Hahaha
H: We look really cheap.
J: I also regretted after I said that. Really….
H: Anyway, they organized it very neatly and…
(Producer turned on BGM to move on) Pass.

S: Hahaha
J: Why are you going so fast?
Y: Let us look around a bit, seriously.
J: Ah, that’s funny.

Full credits to Boseul @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore.

Video source: Sweet Sorrow Ten Ten Club Homepage



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§ 3 Responses to [100223] Sweet Sorrow mentioning Sweet Sorrow Singapore in TenTen Club

  • ajikto says:

    wow, congrats. I know I’d be happy if a website I made dedicated to someone, and that someone notices. It’s a good thing sweet sorrow has fans like you guys to let them know they have international fans as well. Keep up the good work^^

    • Kaiser says:

      thank you~ ^^ We started this site just to reach out to the English speakers and didn’t expect anything in return.. as much as it is very encouraging for S2, its very encouraging for us too!

  • mist says:

    Congratulations ^^aigoo their reaction was so sweet
    sweet sorrow Singapore fighting!!!

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