[100323] Photos from Mnet A-LIVE

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Mnet A-live (~ Accoustic Live) is a new show, which started broadcasting on the 22nd of March. Sweet Sorrow made an appearance on the 2nd episode of A-live, which took place at the CJ E&M centre in Seoul, March 23rd. The show was MCed by Jo Kyu Chan, and starred past Yoo Jae Ha contest winners Kim Kwang Jin, Lee Han Chul, Sweet Sorrow, Oh Ji Eun, No Reply and Jung Ji Chan. In this episode, they will perform popular songs from Yoo JaeHa.

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[100322] Sweet Sorrow at Press Conference

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Sweet Sorrow, Shines the Special Stage with Sweet Voices.

[OSEN = Min Kyunghoon]
Press conference for SBS Radio’s Spring reform was held at Seoul Mokdong SBS headquater Hall on 22nd in the afternoon. Kim Changryul hosted the event and Yang Jeonga, Jeong Gaeun, Kim Heecheol from Super Junior, Park Miseon and Lee Bongwon attended.

SBS Love FM (103.5 MHz) and Power FM (107.7 MHz) creats new program or changes some of the hosts as Spring Reform on 29th.

For FM 103.5 SBS Love FM, Gagman Lee Bongwon and Park Miseon couple will be new hosts for “Wawa Show” at 2:25 p.m. Filial singer Hyeon Sook will be the host for the first time in her life with “Bravo Radio” at 11 a.m.

Also, at 8:30 p.m., “Sweet night, this is Yang Jeonga” will be newly created. The host Yang Jeonga recieved spotlight from “I like Sunday, Here goes Gold Misses”

For FM 107.7 Power FM, Boy Group Super Junior’s Kim Heecheol hosts “Young Street” which starts at 8 p.m.. Also at Midnight, Jeong Gaeun, who is active in many entertainment program, has a go at radio host with “Sweet Music Box.” Other than them, Choi Hyerim newly hosts “Sound of Music” at 3 a.m..

Sources http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/03/22/2010032201339.html
Translation by Boseul @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

[100325] Jinhwan’s Twitter Updates

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If you are wondering when did Jinhwan created a Twitter account, he just did it this morning! So follow him on twitter if you have one! If you don’t, create one!! (I am one of those who just created my twitter account..)


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[MISC] Fanmade Rankings (2)

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Original Source: In Sweet Sorrow
Translated by Boseul@Sweet Sorrow Singapore

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[100323] True Romance

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Sweet Sorrow covered Drunken Tiger’s True Romance today on Ten Ten Club! Loyal listeners of Ten Ten Club must have already know our magnae, Jinhwan’s outstanding talents for the recorder. Every single night on Ten Ten Club, we will be able to hear him randomly blowing it. Today is no exception. He even performed a little solo for the starting of the cover! It was superb and listeners were writing in to compliment him! He even performed a little more after hearing all the compliments!

Check it out yourself here!

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Note: If you want to download any of their covers, kindly email us with the song title at sweetsorrowsg@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

[100312~100317] Ten Ten Club Photos Updates!

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[100309~100316] Ten Ten Club Opening Songs Updates!

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Hi people! Missing Ten Ten Club opening songs already? Not to worry! Here comes the whole week’s opening songs compiled just for you! Anyway, we might be having more of the weekly updates than the daily updates for opening songs from now on because of our busy schedule. We will try to update as often as possible though!

100309 Never Ending Story by Boohwal
100310 (We don’t have the audio file for this day. Sorry.)
100311 Baby Baby by Cho KyuChan
100312 I Was Born To Love You by Queen
100313 멍청이 (Idiot) by Na YoonKwon
100314 You Give Me Something by James Morrison
100315 Shock by Beast
100316 선물 (Present) by Kwill

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