[100311] Captain’s Musical Debut

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Captain In will be on Musical this Summer. Following is an translation of related articles.
(I edited three articles and combined into one.)
(I was debating whether to narrow it down to Hojin’s story or not, but decided to translate all the information that was in the article.)

To read the news,


In Hojin, the leader of vocal group Sweet Sorrow makes his debut as an actor in a musical <Music in My Heart>. He has been melting women’s heart with his sweet voice.

In <Music in My Heart>, In Hojin will play the main character Jang Jaehyuk and show what it is to be mellow, sweet and attractive with his talent from the career as a singer.

Jang Jaehyuk, former actor, is an earnest, warm-hearted, and handsome play director. When Jaehyuk appears in the female main character, Mina’s random imagination, he will become a comical character as well. In Hojin said “Jang Jaehyuk is a perfect guy that makes you think ‘I want to be that kind of man.’ I heard that former Jang Jaehyuks have all received favorable comments. Since it is my first experience as a musical actor, I feel the pressure. However, I will keep in step with my fellow actors and show my own version of Jang Jaehyuk.”

One official said “Though In Hojin does not have any musical experience, his singing proven by career as a musician and his reflexes and wits proven by DJ-ing at radio made us to think he has enough potential to be a musical actor. We expect him to be a mellow and sweet Jang Jaehyuk as he is.”

Group Shinhwa’s Andy and actor Jeong Sungwoon have played Jang Jaehyuk in 2007 and 2008 respectively. This role is famous for casting actors with both handsome face and voice. When Andy played the role in 2007 season, tickets for a month’s shows sold out at first ticket selling.

This year, actor Kim Sanho, who is active on both TV and stage, and musical actor Sohn Seunghyun are casted along with In Hojin. They will alternatively play the role and show off their attractiveness.

For Lee Mina, musical actor Han Aeri who has acted since the first season, and rookie actor Jo Youngjoo are casted.

Musical <Music in My Heart> was first put on the stage in 2005 and boosted romantic comedy musicals in Daehakro*. <Music in My Heart>, a romantic comedy musical, is about love story of play writer Mina, who can’t speak nor hear, and play director Jaehyuk. It was very popular and ticket sales was as high as 120% when it was first on stage. Also, Maeil Kyungjae** selected this musical as one of the best cultural product in 2005, and 100 thousand people saw it as of 2008.

In Hojin’s debut musical <Music in My Heart> will be on stage at Daehakro PMC Jayou theather from April 30th. First ticket selling will start on March 16th.

Also, the group Sweet Sorrow is DJ-ing at SBS Power FM <Sweet Sorrow’s TenTen Club> (Seoul 107,7 MHz), and working on their 3rd album which will be released this year.


*Daehakro is where a lot of theaters are located in Seoul.
maybe… Broadway of Korea?
** Maeil Kyungjae is one of the Korean news paper.
English version of the title will be Daily Economy

P.S. Some fans are already getting jealous since the musical has a kiss scene in it…. lol
P.P.S. I added bit more at March 12 08:42 PM (GMT -05:00)


Translated by Boseul @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please take out with proper credits. Kamsa~!


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