[MISC] Good & Bad examples of Sweet Sorrow

April 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

Here are two separate Sweet Sorrow versions of the notorious “Good & bad examples” meme that has become popular on a lot of Korean fansites lately.

Originally from: In Sweet Sorrow
Translated by: Sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credit if taking out! Thanks!


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§ 3 Responses to [MISC] Good & Bad examples of Sweet Sorrow

  • ....... says:

    good or bad .. they are cool oppas though .. always making you smile and touching and consoling your hearts with the beautiful voices . . . .
    thanks for sharing this 😀

    ~Oppas … stay this way always … FIGHTING !! ~

  • mist says:

    The pics r soo funny LOLz ,good post thank you ^^ SS r so light hearted

  • rhythmia says:

    Pfffft thank you for sharing/translating these! I love this good/bad meme, I literally snorted at some of these pictures (hahah where do people find these things. ahahaha bad example of selca, bad example of yearning expression (what in the world is going on in the background there?!) XDDDD

    I love that these guys never fail to bring the dork. XD ❤

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