[100413] Happy 1st Anniversary, Sweet Sorrow’s 1010 Club!

April 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

On this very special day, a lucky listener was selected for the opening song call out as she requested for Sweet Sorrow to render Crying Nut’s 생일축하(Happy Birthday)~! And yes, it is the birthday of Sweet Sorrow’s 1010 Club! And of course, the 4 men sang the song with a very cheerful tone and happiness could be heard in their voices~

Also, during the day’s broadcast, a poll for the best DJ among the 4 was carried out, via SMS and online voting. Frequent 1010 Club guests also casted their votes, with Hojin receiving 2 votes(IU & Mblaq’s G.O), Woojin with 3 votes (K.will, Brown Eyed Soul’s Jungyeob & Moon Changshik), Youngwoo with 2 votes(Lee Sooyoung & Na Yoonkwon) and lastly, Jinhwan with 1 vote from Linus Blanket’s Yeonjin.

After the scores were tabulated, Hojin came in first, followed by Jinhwan, Youngwoo and Woojin(whom most people described as chic XD). Overall, the whole broadcast was really exciting as each member tried very hard to gain the support of listeners~! When the broadcast ended, Youngwoo even updated his twitter on how much he enjoyed the day and how happy he was~
For those who missed out on the live broadcast, an AOD clip is available on 1010 Club’s homepage(must be a member to view), so do listen to it! ^^


Please give full credits to Sweet Sorrow Singapore when taking out. Kamsa!
Note: If you want to download any of their covers, kindly email us with the song title at sweetsorrowsg@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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