[100327~100328] Jinhwan’s Cyworld Posts Updates

April 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Title: Recent stories

Haven’t posted for such a long time (sorry)…

First, my Topher’s story~

For the first time in a long time,

my Thoper took a shower~~~~ XD ❤ shiny~

After I got back home

Umm…. Since I needed to go out for radio after just 3 hours….

Okay~ Let’s don’t bother to go to the basement and park on the ground. Hahahahahahahaha


When I got out after exactly three hours

Christopher was


Oh my god holly Jesus shit damn yellow dust shower akdsfjlkewjtlkdjfl3kjlskedjfoahitelknfldflkjlke

When I got really upset and talked to other members

Youngwoo said he got terrored when he dropped by a library.

Watch out for yellow dust -_-

Now, shall we go right in to my story~

…..but I am too tired so, tomorrow…..;;;;;;

Title: Real Recent Stories

Proof for wrecked Christopher

I will wash it on the way out after I write this -_-

Since I move around riding him

The side effect was that I don’t do exercise at all (purely 100%) though I have not done it much before neither.

When I am tired, stressed or don’t sleep well

I get virus around mouth

It seems that the cycle got shorter (especially its happens when there is a TV schedule)

And after I read a study that says this is related with dementia (!!) on the internet by chance,

These days, I started to think that let’s just sleep a lot and don’t feel bad about it

Furthermore, now that I did night program’s DJ for about a year

Regular eating pattern of three meals a day got settled.

Lunch right after wake up, dinner before the radio,

Late night snack after the radio (I say snack but usually it’s the biggest meal with high calories)

All these combined (to repeat eating and sleeping without exercise)…

I got huge belly….. -.,-;


Strangely TenTenClub gets enjoyable as days go

Once I was stressed cause I could not change into song-writing-mode due to everyday radio

But I think I got over with it a little these days

Also, since now we are busy with our own business (school, musical, yoga lol etc.)

Physically we are tired but the fact that we are managing to keep up with it,

the fact that we are trying so hard to achieve many things, and supports from each other makes heart warm.

Somehow those subtle warm feeling works as energy these days.


I will be participating as a solo in a compilation albu

I made and sing a song for a “LIFE” album

Which is a continuing album from “Dog/Cat Story”, “Boy and Girl… and Story” this series

Three member of “Serengeti” did literally awesome acoustic play…

I haven’t decided about the title so I am thinking for entire weekend -_-;;;

A lot of great musician’s songs will be in the album!!

Detailed stories are at the link below~


Original Source: Jinhwan’s Cyworld
Translated by: Boseul @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out!


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