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Title: Chasing a Hangover

After drinking a lot at last night’s get-together, I woke up regretting and am now chasing a hangover by eating cod. (It was so delicious so that I wanted to put up me2day post, but I forgot after I took this picture)

It has been 24 hours since last night but I still have a head ache.

However, this might not be due to a hangover.

It might be because I smell too much of gasoline

Christopher threw up all the oil on the floor and fell down on the street this afternoon.

I heard that the company is recalling thousands of cars and ignored it…

But my Topher was also sick… *sniff

I am sorry… I should have took care of you before… *sniff

Daekyu, who went to the headquarter and shouted enough… Christopher wanted to say thank you so much.

Under the gray sky

Many things made me so busy

During those time, I only heard ridiculous and sorrow news.

My head was still hurt,

So I tried to chase a hangover again after I got back home late.

Wish the world is peaceful like Neoguri mild flaver.

This ramen seems to be smiling always

The flavor does not have any sad feeling.

It’s pleasant but not sensational,

And never betrays

Title: A Note from Dad

A few days ago, when I woke up in the afternoon,

There were a few of side dishes with neatly organized utensils

And I found a note beside them.

The answer is on the back?

So I turned it over…

-.,-;;; what the…

I went to the burner…


I turned it over with slight excitement.


He must have been really bored..

Parents are getting cuter as days go

They will be really embarrassed when they know that I posted this.


A lot of you guys are saying something for the fact that I mixed eggs with Neoguri ramen…

But I never “mix” eggs with any ramen.

My principle is to poach eggs so that it does not affect the soup of ramen!

I only like to eat eggs cooked between hardboiled and soft-boiled with the soup

And I always drink a cup of milk when I eat ramen at home… aww… even thinking about it makes me crave… @_@


And the reason I blocked that replies here is that

I was recently motivated to write these diaries again,

But if there are a lot of replies, I come and look at the diary again and bothers me.

That will make me less freer……

I really read all the visitors’ notes!!!!! Please believe me, folks~~~!!

Title: Twitter is fun

This afternoon, with Youngwoo and Taejoon (Oh!Brothers<- band)

At the end of talks that we want to eat chicken (Korean Chicken Soup)..

Scroll down and read them backward.

(Translator Note: this is actually funny when you know Korean… they are playing with the rhyme. If you want the translation, let me know.)

…………………….Sorry………… it’s actually not funny after a few hours..; I laughed out loud before in my room.

Anyway, I am enjoying twitter these days… hehe

Amazing system that seems to be combination of messenger, blog and etc.

It’s convenient to write little thoughts,

And even though I talk to someone, it is not really one to one and that makes me feel more comfortable!!

(You know, when you are not really close with someone, it is easier to talk to when you are around with a group of people)

Let’s talk at the twitter


TenTenClub also has a twitter! Twitter.com/TenTenClub <- this will also have many funny things

Oh, I also uploaded something on Me2Day in a long time.

After story…

I ate some sushi and it looked so delicious

When I tried to put Me2Day post…

I got the bone of eel in my neck -_-

I kept coughing, swallowed rice, and searched watching mirror..

The chief was so worried..

But it never came out… It wasn’t that hurt so I gave up and eat.

After that, I went to the hospital.

While I was waiting, I used flash of my phone and looked at the mirror again.

Then I found it from where it’s not so deep in my throat…………;;; It was hid so well before! Damn!! Shit!

I was considering buying a trigger and pick it out by myself, then

“Mr. Jinhwan Sung~~~ *^^*” Oh, okay… -_-a I went it to see a doctor.

Open your mouth… haha. It’s not really deep~ (I know -_-;;)

Puff, Well, here it came~ (Umm… its quite big… Chief, you said it was a small one -_-;;;)

Disinfection. There you go.  It is not covered by the insurance so you need to pay 5000 won. Haha;

The doctor also laughed little awakadly.

Noo… my 5000 won ㅠㅠ

Ah~ the weather is so nice~

What Woojin will be doing at this sunny birthday~ ^^

Title: Korean Chicken Soup (Chicken Soup with Ginseng)

(Argh I started to read this way before and forgot to open it to public)

Yesterday, I really ate Korean Chicken Soup with Youngwoo and Taejun.

As we promised on the twitter hehehe

(refer to last post http://www.cyworld.com/jinhwanland/3544910)

Cherry blossom was so pretty along the street. It rained yesterday so that air was so clean.

Oh, the wind was strong so it was little cold.

But, I played catch  ball with Taejun waiting for Youngwoo who was lost.

Then I felt little warm and hungry.. It was perfect.

Well… shall we…

Argh oh my god, it is damn delicious!!! So rich… ㅠㅠ

Chicken’s legs, embracing sticky rice.. how solid they are!

Youngwoo generously bought the meal

Taesjun cooly bought coffee.

I ate for free hehehehehehe

Taejun, who said it is his first time to come to café with two guys,

Played with I-phone with Youngwoo.

Jinfany was so jealous.. ㅜㅜ

Hehehe it was very pleasant afternoon ^-^

+Bonus (Translator Note: another Rhyme play.. if you need translation, let me know!)


I realized that twitter is connected to the replies so I decided to open reply function again!!!

Ohhhhh it is amazing!

Ah well I am so fluctuating -,,-;;

Original Source: Jinhwan’s Cyworld
Translated by: Boseul @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out!

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