[100518] Jinhwan’s Cyworld Post Update

July 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

Title: Lovely Picnic D-3

This concert only has few days left…
well it’s been like this for all the past concerts too
but it feels like I dropped something on my foot ㅠㅠ

the reason why this performance was worse was because
like everyone is already aware, is my first concert without my hyungs
and my first time working with all the staff and the band members
so unlike how I thought it would be easy when we were planning it, I actually had a lot of worries.

There were moments when nothing seemed to work out, but thinking that I’m learning new things… by crashing into the obstacles
I’m having a good time!
After I finish it with no issues I’ll be a bit more mature haha

more than anything I get along well with Hyunjoon and IU ㅋㅋㅋI’m really excited for our stage
I’m sure that on the day of the performance
on a pretty outdoor stage with a lake in the background
I’ll be singing good repertory with good friends and with a good heart
and I’m sure that feeling will reach the audience as well
this particular stage’s advantage is that the audience and the performers will become one haha

so we’ll be able to use that advantage 100%
I’m just hoping that many people will come
and return the happy energy back at the stage too
Hojin hyung is mumbling about how I’m advertising on my blog…
-_-a…………..#$%#%Coming Soon dodoooong

Ah strangely I’m so busy lately ㅠㅠamp;&%
well it’s still the biggest thing going on in… life… it’s…work… right..;;;;

well the story I really want to tell is
date full package… because of such advertising
the numerous solo friends with thought of “pfff nonsense *sound of spitting*” in their head
I can guarantee that they will have a lot of fun if they come, nonetheless…….
it’s true, just trust me, ok….

it’s just that personally… instead of coming aloneif you think of it as a special picnic and bring along
friends or brothers or parents or grand parents children nephews etc etc and other close friends~
We’ve prepared a lot for a good entertainment in the park for a holiday with good weather (probably;;)
so I think it’d be wasteful if you paid for an expensive ticket and came alone
the performance itself is really like a picnic ㅋㅋ

Coming Soon dodoooong

Ah strangely I’m so busy lately ㅠㅠ

Original Source: Jinhwan’s Cyworld
Translated by: sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out!


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§ 2 Responses to [100518] Jinhwan’s Cyworld Post Update

  • vangie says:

    Is Sung Jinhwan the youngest among SS group? i noticed he always address his co-member as ‘ hyungs’ How old is he now?
    our ultimate awesom, sweet idol is not only very talented but also vry respectful..SJW is a nice person..:)

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