[100421] Jinhwan’s Cyworld Post Update

July 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Title: About “Cozy”

Okay now, as I’ve said, I’ll explain the explanation for the song!!

That’s right, as reported by the media
I sang about “the sweetness of a morning when you don’t want to escape the comfiness of your bed”.

To tell you the truth, the repeated melody of “my arm pillow is still comfortable”
is something I’ve been humming while playing the guitar since I’ve made it few years ago.
I don’t know why but the lyrics then was something like “my town’s sharatiriti is shattattiritti~” ;;;
but then not so long ago after receiving the offer from “LIFE” compilation
since I wanted to sing a happy song and since I was lazy
oho!! I thought of using this melody that’s been rotting in the back of my head!
like that.. I’ve thought of lyrics and made the remaining part of the song..

hm now I see it, most of the crucial ideas for this song was come up with in the shower!
because I was so immersed in humming the sudden chorus melody I often forgot if I brushed my teeth or washed my hair
the lyrics to the first part (arm pillow blah blah) also came to my mind while taking a shower on the day of the recording haha

mm.. but what I wanted to say through this post
is that the session band was one of my favorites, Serengeti!!! *ㅁ*
Serengeti’s album is full of mighty soulful songs or very rockin’.. in other words, real cool songs
but like that song “Hello” that was on last year’s “Man and Woman.. and Story” compilation
I knew that they could do humble and feel-good acoustic songs really well too
so I kept thinking that it would be so awesome if I could get Serengeti to help out while writing this song
and my wish came true!! ㅠㅠ that one night when Serengeti’s session recording was
I was a bit late from Tenten
even without guide vocal, Mr.Jung Kyun Hyung has already recorded a perfect contrabass groove
and soon Dongjin’s perky -djembe drum jumped in to create the right rhythm
and with Soowan’s guitar rhythm the trifecta was already formed
Soonwan who was about to do the lines, asked me, “hyung, so this… is blues, right?”
so I replied, “hm.. of course.. please do a good snarky blues~”
and Soowan did a little stretch and soon enough
he turned into a middle-aged blues man with positive aura coming out of his body….
so like that the three really did an unbelievable performance!!!
they even made the boring ending really cool in no time!!! ah these people, really.. ㅜ_ㅜ
Dongjin also recorded a few nice percussion sounds
but we couldn’t put it in during the mixing.. special thanks to Dongjin who did extra work!!!
ah now it feels like a Thanks To post!!?? Then thanks to recording engineer Park Tae Hwan producer who really tried hard!!
He’s a real gentleman with good sense and personality!! hahaha
Mr. Oh Jung Suk, the man of amazing mixing! Ah how can someone mix just the way I wanted!!
Manager Daegyu who’s always been there even if it was really late and my brother’s son who always supported til the very end! He even worried about the title for me…
Ah the title… our Tenten staffs… and Dongryul hyung on Twitter! And Sehyung noona who thought of Cozy at the last minute!!!
To add, everyone who contributed… and fans…

Wait, did I win number 1 with this song?? Why am I doing this so early in the morning??? -,.-;;;;

… sorry… after I calm down…;;;

Ah as many speculated, the record in the track, I was the one playing it haha
originally I wanted to record a whistle solo
but it didn’t sound right..;; so I thought “maybe..” and got out my record and played it
and what a surprise, such a pretty and happy sound!! @ㅁ@
maintaining that feel I played it like this and that few times and came up with a good line~
if the record part brings a smile to your face there won’t be anything else I can wish for haha

since this is something I did happily to distract me from worrying about the songs for the 3rd album
and since it came out so successfully, it’s true, I feel so happy right now. Now the weather’s getting pretty nice too.. it’s my song
but I put it on repeat for hours these days… huhuhuhu oh god what to do..

there are a lot of depressing things right now so I’m often down then angry then embarrassed…
but I hope the ones who listen to the song becomes even a bit happier.
it’s true that you shouldn’t be too lazy and stay in your bed forever like in the lyrics…. but..
(I guess it’s something to promise yourself)

Anyways, with the happy energy I got from this song
I’ll try my best to make a fantastic 3rd album
Hurrah Sweet Sorrow….

Sorry for being so excited so early in the morning…

Original Source: Jinhwan’s Cyworld
Translated by: Sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out!


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