[100515] Youngwoo’s Cyworld Post Update

July 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Title: A few.


It’s been a year since Professor Jang Young Hee passed away.
I’ve never met her before
but because I always give her book “Once in my Life” to others as presents
the people at the publisher
gave me a very meaningful opportunity
so with a happy heart, I was part of the reading session of her book.

Around the time I bought “Once in my Life”
I was really in the dark.
But passing those numerous times of despair
and when I could share my thoughts after reading her book,
for a moment I thought I grew up to be a fine man.
Well, more than looking like that,
I was just touched because I was invited to such an event.


I think I’ve been very busy in the last one week.
Because I had that schedule with Wouter Hamel, one week
just passed by so tightly.
Last weekened I stayed up all night because of my 1st draft English paper,
and since Tuesday I had the schedule with Wouter Hamel.

In reality it’s just another of numerous, easy guest performances
and I don’t even pay that much attention to
“foreign artist stages” or anything
but I just felt as if
I really needed to make it good this time
so just as much, I spent a lot of effort and had a lot of fun.

This Wouter’s team
enjoyed it so much
and they probably thought we were enjoying too because we were always laughing..
so optimistic,
and some active movement inside that makes it so comfortable.
A free sharing of ideas,
I enjoyed how easily we could change and create
and because we could easily adapt to such things
I started to think that I could have at least some confidence.

Admist the unknown excitement
like celebrating a festival
I welcome the weekend.


I have a lot to do on weekends.
I want to go see Sergio Mendes.
I have so much to do.
So much.


Just like what Chanwan ahjusshi said
I’m really attaching myself to every single day.
Whenever it’s difficult.
I think, yeah just like this
it’ll be mine once I overcome the hard parts
so I’m holding on with all my might
but it’s not like many people will be touched by such things.
(well, I’m sure those kinds of feelings will surface…)
I have nothing else to do but hold on stronger.
I’ve long given up on thinking that songs will come when I’m not busy.
As if I was ever not busy in the first place.

And I think, ah I really like this font.
I hope I’ll be able to publish my own book with a font like this.

Original Source: Youngwoo’s Cyworld
Translated by: sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out!


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