[100709] Sung Jinhwan’s 그대 쪽으로 한뼘 더 (One Step Closer To You)

July 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry for the late update! Jinhwan had released a romantic solo song 2weeks back!

You can listen to the song here.

For a little album introduction translated and the download link,

“그대 쪽으로 한뼘 더 [One Step Closer To You] (Ivory)”, the fifth story of “Color of City”, told by the romantic voice of Sung Jin Hwan of Sweet Sorrow.

We have numerous stories and memories. His story, her story, my story, someone’s stories…
An album that tells the story of those someones who live in this city through music, Color of City.
Color of City is a project that tells the precious stories of our surroundings in a series of singles, and it is produced by Shim Hyun Bo, who also writes the songs. It is supported by Neowiz Internet and 4restmusic.

Color of City has received much love before for the nice melody and touching lyrics. The past collaborations include Yozoh & Kim Jin Pyo’s “Like You”, Kim Bum Soo & Shim Hyun Bo’s “Taste of Separation”, Taru’s “I’ll Love You”, Haeun’s “Kiss Scene”.
The fifth story of ivory that is being released is “One Step Closer To You”, which was sung by Sweet Sorrow’s Sung Jin Hwan with his romantic and smooth voice.

“One Step Closer To You” is a romantic ballad that tells the story of a love that just started through the soft and lovely lyrics. As the former projects, it was written and produced by Shim Hyun Bo. Like the content that expresses a lover’s wish to “get one step closer to you everyday”, the sentimental lyrics nicely illustrates the feelings of two lovers who are beginning to get to know each other. The song shines more with Sweet Sorrow’s Sung Jin Hwan, whose romantic voice blends well with the detailed lyrics and melody. And Seo Jin Young who participated in a short featuring, adds onto the song with her unique voice that she has shown through her previous works on the “Summer Scent” OST and “Filling with Tears”. Color of City’s fifth story “One Step Closer to you” is the collaboration between a colorful singer-songwriter and a romantic vocal Sung Jin Hwan of Sweet Sorrow, Seo Jin Young with her unique voice, and producer and a hit-maker Shim Hyun Bo. It is expected that this song will become a much loved romantic duet song after Shim Hyun Bo’s previous works Yozoh & Kim Jin Pyo’s “Like You” and IU & Na Yoon Kwon’s “It’s My First Love”.

You can proceed to Jenpoo to download the song!

Youtube uploaded: urnobody9119
Download link: Jenpoo

Album Introduction
Original Source: Daum
Translated by: Sunshine@Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please give proper credits if taking out.


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