[100613] Jinhwan on Aura Live Stage

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ok, this is a really really really late update! So sorry!

If you still remember, Jinhwan participated in this Life compilation, which includes his own composed song, 포근해 (Cozy). And this episode of Aura is the special for Life! Jinhwan performed a series of really sweet and heartwarming songs to start the stage, which includes songs by Sweet Sorrow themselves. However, Jinhwan version will be a little different kind of awesome. He also did abit of the MC-ing after his stage. He was really adorable and he definitely made me smiled.

Note (updated on August 29, 2010):  This video had been subbed by Sweet Sorrow Singapore for the benefit of non-korean speaking fans.

Songs list

1. 포근해 (Cozy)
2. 예뻐요 (Pretty)
3. 간지럽게 (Cheesy/Ticklish)

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[100724] Sweet Sorrow on Infinite Challenge

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So sorry for the really late update! I was so busy with work and school that I.. ahem.. slacked in updating myself. Oh well, back to our main point!

Sweet Sorrow was on Infinite Challenge as a special guest for the special Karaoke night on the show! They were invited on the show by close friend, Park Myeong Soo. If you have no idea, Sweet Sorrow was a permanent guest on Park Myeong Soo’s radio show quite sometime back.

The casts seem to be enjoying Sweet Sorrow’s companion for the episode! How about you? =D

Original Source: osio.tv
Reuploaded & Cut by:
Sweet Sorrow Singapore

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[EXCLUSIVE] Sweet Sorrow’s Message to Singaporean fans

August 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

Sweet Sorrow Singapore and Gem Cultures are proud to present to you an exclusive video message recorded by the 4 men especially for fans in Singapore~! This video is dedicated to you! Enjoy~!

Credits: Sweet Sorrow Singapore & Gem Cultures
Translations: Sunshine @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please take out with proper credits! Thank you~!

Sweet Sorrow Singapore Recruitment Drive 2010

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like what the picture says, yes! We’re recruiting! And who are we looking for? We’ll need translators who are able to translate Korean articles/lyrics/programs/etc about these 4 sweet guys into English, so that we can post these up and share it with all other international audiences!

So, what are you waiting for? Drop us an email if you are interested and we’ll release more information upon receiving it!

Boss & Kaiser

[100729] Queen

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been sometime since we posted up opening songs for 1010 club! This time round, Sweet Sorrow did a rendition of the KPOP industry’s sexy diva, Son Dambi, comeback song! And once again, it’s an awesome cover! Enjoy!

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