[110125] Kim, Youngwoo got married. A beautiful 3-year-younger bride from wedding photographs.

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[NEWSEN = Yujin Jung]

On January 22nd at 4PM, Kim Youngwoo from Sweet Sorrow had a private wedding with his girlfriend, three years his junior, at On-Noo-Ri church in Yangjae Dong, Seocho Gu, Seoul.

The newly weds have started dating before before Sweet Sorrow’s debut and have been doing so for 5 years now. The bride, Kim, is a normal office worker and is three years younger than the Groom.

Kim’s father is a reverend and so the wedding took place in a church. Sweet Sorrow members, Kim’s nephew, and On-Noo-Ri church choir sang for the wedding.

On January 21st, a day before the big day, the rest of Sweet Sorrow members along with Jieun Oh, Peppertones, Jinil Jung from Mate composed a celebration song and performed at “Sweet Sorrow’s TenTen Club” and surprised Kim.
Kim will leave for his 6-day honeymoon a day after the wedding, on 23rd January. While Kim is on leave, the rest of Sweet Sorrow’s members (In Hojin, Song Woojin and Sung Jinhwan) will host SBS radio show, “Sweet Sorrow’s TenTen Club”.
The couple will stay in Kim’s current residence, Mok Dong, Yangchun Gu, Seoul for a while after the honeymoon then move to near Kimpo.
Meanwhile, Sweet Sorrow has plans to release their new album early this year.

Translation: CK @ Sweet Sorrow Singapore

[110118] Happy Wooya Day!

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This year is a much more meaningful year for him. Yes, I know you know why but I’m just going to say it again. Our lovely Youngwoo is getting married to his 5 years beautiful (oh well, i admit i don’t know how she looks like but you do believe in his taste right..?) girlfriend this coming Saturday!! Right now, this groom-to-be must be happily being busy getting ready for his once in a lifetime big day!

Oh right. I know some of the Youngwoo fans might be sad to hear the news. One nice guy off the bachelor list afterall. BUT let’s give him all our best wishes and have a happily ever after with his beautiful wife. I bet he will bring us much sweeter and lovely music for their 3rd album in this new phase of his life~! ♥

[110113] Happy Birthday Jinhwan!

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And… Christopher!! Just in case some of you guys do not know, Christopher is the car that Jinhwan got for himself for his birthday last year. I wonder how these 2 are getting by now!

Being the magnae of the quintet, this awesome guy has written us awesome songs and lyrics that came deep down from his heart and touched ours with great melodies. It’s a new year and a new start so I’d be looking forward to more of his productions!

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINHWAN! Do treat Topher to a nice car wash soon! ^_^

[Misc] Sweet Sorrow’s 2011 Calendar~

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To mark the start of a new year, Gem Cultures/Mezoo Cultures has once again launched a Sweet Sorrow calendar for the year of 2011! Judging by the looks of the calendar cover, this year’s seems to be back better than ever! And the photos just look as SWEET and lovely as ever~

We are currently in the consideration of helping fans living out of South Korea order the calendar, but no confirmed details yet. On the other hand, if you are able to purchase the calendar by any means, GRAB EM HERE NOW! =D

Photo Credits: Mezoo Cultures

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