[110130~110213] Jinhwan’s Crazy Vocal Cords

February 15, 2011 § 3 Comments

As we had mentioned earlier, our Jinhwan had been garnering quite a bit of attention. I bet most of you would have to search and watch it out of curiousity, but here’s a little something for you. =D

Jinhwan started off on 1010 Club by raising the pitch 7 levels up..

They then moved on to 1000 Song Challenge, raising the pitch by 8 levels(read note below) and 9 levels on Kim Jeongeun’s Chocolate.

So how much attention did Jinhwan receive from that?

We checked out Naver(popular Korean search engine) search rankings and Jinhwan appeared to be 5th placing, which he then moved up to 2nd later on. Rankings on other search engines like Daum had close results. Now, that’s a breakthrough for Jinhwan! Congratulations!

Note: Youtube wouldn’t allow me to upload any videos from 1000 Songs Challenge, not even for the short 38seconds. If you REALLY want to watch the show or just that short part, leave us a comment and I will find other video hosting site.

Original Source: torrentfile + Kpopweb + dntektmxkdlf@naver blogs

Re-uploaded and cut by Sweet Sorrow Singapore

Please take out with proper credits.


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§ 3 Responses to [110130~110213] Jinhwan’s Crazy Vocal Cords

  • Hessa says:

    😦 I was so sad when YT removed jinhwan video in song challenge with eunjung from Tara ,would u plz give me the link to this show? I appreciate ur time and work

  • vangie says:

    when i learned about SS, i started to watch n search most of their videos in YT and among them, sung jinhwan caught my attention not only bcos of his great voice but he can hit those high notes..n wen he sing in high notes the more his voice sounds sweeter….

  • feelgyo says:

    This group is so crazy! I was awestruck whenever they performed. Jinhwan’s beat-box and rap skill are awesome. And wow!! His vocal cords really gives me goosebumps D:

    Thank you so much for this info ^^

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