Watch/Listen to 1010 Club

Sweet Sorrow’s 1010 Club

Every night 10pm – 12am (Korea Time) / 9pm – 11pm (Singapore Time)

First method – Showfree

1) Go to
2) Scroll down the list on the right side of the player and click on SBS제주 or SBS대구
3) Note that you need Windows Media Player to play

Second method – SBS Gorilla

1) An SBS account is needed in order to download the player. If you do not have one, register at (There is a language option for English, not to worry)
2) After your account has been approved, go to
3) Click on the orange box(as seen below) to download the Gorilla player.

4) After downloading, launch Gorilla and login.
5) Note that 1010 Club is on FM 107.7
6) If 보는라디오 at the right side of 107.7 is blinking, it means that there is bora Viewable radio) for the day. Click on it. You will be able to watch the broadcast once it loads.
7) Note that there are loads of advertisements while it loads.

Third Method – SBS Radio Widget (kudos to Soybeans for the tip!)

1) Go to
2) Click PLAY!
3) Note that 1010 Club is on FM 107.7

** You can check the guests for the day and the photos at

That’s all! Happy watching/listening! You may post any questions at comments.

Remember to credit sweetsorrowsg if you’re taking this out.

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